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Tips To Remain Safe When Travelling Alone

October 8, 2018 Posted by Silvana Trevisano

As exciting it is to travel alone to different places or countries, you cannot really guarantee your safety. You never know what could happen to you in this new place or area. So you should be extra cautious of things. Here are some tips to help you out.

Trust your gut

There is nothing more that you can trust than your own gut. If you feel there’s something fishy or things are looking too unnatural, then they probably are. So, it’s always best to own an high quality whistle or pepper spray. In case something goes wrong, you are already prepared!

Know the games

When you are a clueless traveler in an unknown country for the first time in your life, there is a chance that you would be more vulnerable to the games and tricks of many con artists preying on gullible travelers. So always be aware of the possible tricks that are commonly used on travelers that travel to the said country. For an example in Barcelona, roses are presented to clueless travelers to draw them in to some trick or the other and some places even have rings found on the floors and offered as a part of the first step in some twistedly spun con. So be cautious, you might not necessarily see safety signs Australia warning you of these, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen!

Don’t visit shady places alone

There is nothing else that screams BLOND than walking right in to some shady place all by yourself! You may or may not know martial arts or have a black belt in taekwondo, but that doesn’t mean you are a hundred percent safe even if you go to some creepy place. So try to remain with in the crowded places with people moving constantly and not those that have hardly seen any form of light!

Don’t trust too much

When you are in a place that you hardly know anything about, you should never trust those that you meet too much. This especially matters when it comes to letting people know where you live. Unless you have been travelling with that same person throughout, you should never let any random stranger know where you live! Doing so, is just inviting unwanted trouble, so be smart!

Be alert

If you are travelling on your own, you should always be alert. You never know what might happen, so you don’t ever put yourself in danger by being too naïve and stupid!