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Get Your Hands On The High-quality Horse Riding Clothes

April 8, 2019 Posted by Silvana Trevisano

Horse riding is an adventurous sport; it helps us enhance our muscle tone and flexibility. Almost everyone keeps a great fond of riding horses but only a few of them go with their fond, while the rest of them just sit around wondering if any accident happens, they are afraid of it. In most of the matters, people are afraid of risks and they do not prefer horse riding although it is completely safe if you take precautions. The first thing to take as safety is horse riding clothes; they keep you safe if you fall because of their good quality material which does not allow the floor to hurt your skin. It also gives a professional look to the rider who is wearing horse riding clothes while riding their horses. Riding a horse is not easy for everyone, it takes so much time to learn to ride a horse until then you are recommended to take full precautions.

Women also keep a great fondness for horse riding, but in the early age, they were not supported and motivated to ride a horse, they used to ride horses in regular casual clothes but now the time has changed, Giddyupgirl offers horse riding clothes to girls. We design ladies and girls’ polo shirts, ladies show jackets, horse riding tights, riding vests, girls show jackets, ladies breeches, casual jackets, riding hats, girls show shirt, jodhpurs, riding shirts and lots of other items or gears which are used for horse riding. This brand is developed by a motivated girl named Tammy who was an international model for over 15 years with a great experience of working in fashion industries. Giddyupgirl is one of the best fashion industries in Australia; here are some of the reasons that prove Giddyupgirl is the best choice.


Our clothes are perfectly sized and they can be custom designed as well, our clothes fit with every sort of body and give you comfort as well. You will feel relaxed while horse riding and some of our clothes are also stretchable which allows you to get in any position.

Made with good quality of material:

Clothes with low-quality material are a nightmare; they cannot be trusted when wearing them as a sporting garment, this is why you need to wear clothes that are made up of good quality material. Our horse riding clothes for female are made of best quality material.

Giddyupgirl aims to provide you with the best clothing and horse riding gears so that your experience of riding a horse becomes greater, our products satisfy our customers with our quality and comfort.