Why Are Vape Batteries Important?

July 18, 2019 Posted by Silvana Trevisano

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Well you have just started in vaping community so congrats to you that you have decided to quit smoking. As we all know smoking is injurious to health in so many ways that it reduces your life span.

With vaping you can ensure that your health will improve nut before you buy your first device you need to know about the battery configuration of a vape. When you go to any shop to buy a vape, you will be greeted with many varieties of vapes. You can even buy vape batteries online to reduce your travel time no matter where you are.

So let’s start our journey with different battery setup for your vape mod. Now if you are an experienced vapor you already know which battery to buy but if you are a beginner or novice, well then you should know few things about batteries that you will need.

Well there are many types of batteries available such as protected or unprotected. To differentiate between them well the protected batteries are like they have a type of safety mechanism built-in that will protect it while charging and the unprotected one are like without any safety features they are the INR and IMR type batteries.

Well if you have bought yourself a vaping device with internal battery system well it’s only the matter of time until the battery is weak enough that you can’t charge it anymore so in this sense your device becomes unusable. On the other hand if you have a mod that requires battery externally well you have options like 18650, 18350, 26650, 20700 and 21700. Now these batteries all depend upon your mod. The most common battery is the 18650 which is widely used for many mods.

If you have bought a mod that uses batteries like 18650 or higher, it is advisable that you use a separate charger for your battery. Using a separate charger will only prolong the life of battery plus it will also help in not venting it. Do remember one thing the longer it takes to charge, the better battery optimization for your mod.

 There are few things to consider when dealing with batteries.

  • Always have a separate charger for your battery so that it can charge and doesn’t damage it.
  • If you have separate batteries or extra batteries then always keep them away from any metal object otherwise there is a chance of explosion. Keep your batteries in some type of case.
  • Always go for high quality battery brands like Samsung or Sony or LG.

If you still feel like you are confused then don’t worry just head on to vapr.com.au where you can buy vape batteries online and also consult with the experts their about your vaping needs.

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